to the world of IREKS

The milestones of the company history


The master baker and brewer Johann Peter Ruckdeschel begins to establish his own malthouse and brewery business after his return from America.


His son, Johann Andreas Ruckdeschel, lays the foundation for the development of the baking ingredient sector: “Ruckdeschel's Milliose” becomes a milestone in the craft bakery sector. The first malt-based, diastatic improver in flour form was soon an institution in bakeries at home and abroad.


The customer magazine “Des Bäckers kleiner Ratgeber” appears in a circulation of more than 100,000 copies and serves bakers as a valuable and unique source of specialist information.


The dough method for bread is revolutionized by FERTIGSAUER. Instead of the usual dough fermentation of up to 24 hours, FERTIGSAUER reduces this process to two hours.


New product ranges open up new opportunities: The confectionery baked goods line with the name MELLA is developed and has been constantly extended until today. A few years later, IREKS markets the first mix: SOJA-MIX.


Foreign markets and international branches are becoming more and more important. Today, the IREKS Group does business in more than 90 countries, but always maintaining the charm of a family-related traditional company.


At headquarters in Kulmbach, the new baking ingredients production takes up operations: a complete, fully-automatic batch-mixing system with safety standards of a high level to enable the manufacture of products of an excellent quality.

The foundation of OOO IREKS in Moscow forms the basis for the continuous expansion of our business in Russia.


IREKS consolidates activities in the region of South America.


With the purchase of the Dreidoppel Company, the international competence of the Company Group – above all in the areas of flavourings, basic ice-cream ingredients and decorations – is extended further.


With the acquisition of the TRIER Group, IREKS strengthens its market position in Russia.

The worldwide presence of the Company Group is extended further by the foundation of the Chinese subsidiary IREKS (SHANGHAI) FOOD Co., Ltd.


IREKS NORTH AMERICA Ltd. begins its activities and establishes itself on the North American market as a supplier with European roots.


Even more than 160 years after the company was founded, IREKS still sees itself as a global family of companies, where the unique company culture guarantees what customers are promised:

Naturally the Best.