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Malts for baking

To produce really good baked goods, you need high-quality ingredients. With malt products from IREKS, you can give your baked goods a unique character.

Malt has been used as an ingredient in bakeries since the middle of the 19th century, already. When Johann Andreas Ruckdeschel, the son of the founder of IREKS, developed the first malt-based, enzyme active improver in flour form in the year 1900, no one probably thought that even after more than 100 years, high-quality malt would still be a basic ingredient of modern baking ingredients.

Yet malt has never been forgotten and developed into a trend product in recent years. With specific flavourings such as caramel, toasty or spicy, it offers a wide range of applications for a distinctive taste. This enables bakers to give their own baked goods a very individual touch. But malt can do even more. In addition to an optimised dough development, the use of malt products ensures an appealing crust and crumb colour as well as improved freshkeeping of baked goods.

What is special about IREKS: As a baking ingredients manufacturer, we have our own malt and malt extract production, with all processing stages in our hands. Barley, wheat, spelt and rye form the basis for a variety of malt products: in flour form, in paste form and liquid, light-coloured or dark.

With our own agricultural trading company, we are already involved in the cultivation of the grain from the choice of the field, and influence the quality of our malts at an early stage. This also gives us the opportunity to fulfil individual customer wishes or to pick up on certain trends.

Finally, our competent taste experts work together with our customers on individual product solutions and offer specialist technical support, for example in selecting the right malt product.

Discover our diverse range of IREKS malts and seek advice with our taste experts!