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HACCP Concept:
systematic and risk-conscious quality control

The "Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points" method (HACCP) records and describes all the measures for a systematic and risk-conscious quality control during all stages of production. This is a central concern which has always been taken seriously at IREKS.

In 1996, the HACCP Concept for the production of baking ingredients came into effect at IREKS.

The HACCP Concept describes systematic methods on how to recognize all critical points, i.e. hazardous procedures or production steps in our food production process and how to check and control them, so that health risks for the consumer can be prevented as far as possible.

These hazards can be of a biological nature (e.g. micro-organisms), of a chemical nature (e.g. residues of pesticides, heavy metals) or of a physical nature (e.g. stones, glass, other foreign bodies). At IREKS, procedures for dealing with each individual critical point have been established in order to eliminate danger to the product and, accordingly, to the consumer.

With the HACCP Concept, we document to our customers that we manufacture our baking ingredients with great care and do everything in our power to produce high-quality and safe foodstuffs.