Certainty can only be given
by someone who is certain himself

Quality Management at IREKS:
so that consumers can be certain

For people to be able to enjoy bread and baked goods without any worries, this is what we, as a food manufacturer, are working on for our customers on a daily basis. Within the IREKS Quality Management System, a consequent quality and food safety policy, intensive raw material controls, our hi tech production, certification according to ISO 9001 and FSSC, as well as our HACCP Concept, take care of this especially.

The certainty for the consumers was and always is of the highest priority at IREKS.

For this reason, the whole process, from the product development via the production to the distribution of our baking ingredients and brewing malts, is subject to our Quality Management System.

Each incoming raw material, each processing stage within our manufacturing process and each batch which leaves our company, is permanently and without exception subjected to these quality controls. And this gives us the certainty to always guarantee a pure and constant quality to you.

The pillars of our Quality Management System: