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by someone who is certain himself
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Product quality begins with the raw material

At IREKS, all raw materials are subjected to intense controls. Our ultra trace analysis laboratory especially enables a highly sensitive check of the smallest residues of heavy metals and pesticides.

Only whoever uses high quality raw materials for his products can also manufacture excellent baking ingredients. For this reason, the quality and safety of all the components used at IREKS are extremely important.

All raw materials are subjected to an intense and systematic quality control in our laboratory. The same strict criteria apply to raw materials which we produce ourselves.

To be able to do justice to this demand, IREKS operates food laboratories at locations worldwide, however the one at headquarters in Kulmbach is something pretty special:

The ultra trace analysis laboratory. The technical equipment and its performance capabilities go much further than what is prescribed legally and what is the usual benchmark within the sector. Equipped with modern apparatus and measuring procedures, it provides a highly sensitive monitoring possibility for all raw materials. They are checked for minute levels of heavy metal and pesticides – down to 1 gram in 1,000 tons of the raw material.

This enables us to select raw materials even more carefully and use natural products with a high level of purity – so that IREKS customers can be absolutely certain.